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Our Clients Say It Best

I’ve been in business for over four years, but I knew last year that I had taken things as far as I could on my own. Stacie’s authentic, evidence-based and experience-informed coaching has been a game changer. I have always been able to see what’s possible, but the logistics of getting there can be overwhelming when you’re juggling clients, employees, subcontractors and family/personal commitments. I needed to stop giving the wrong things my attention, and I also needed to grow as a leader. Stacie has helped me clarify my vision, make the best use of my time and strengths, and align my business growth with my values. I consider her instrumental to the success we have experienced over the past year and the exciting things ahead for us. Thank you!

Pam, Owner, Non-Profit Content & Communication Agency

 I can’t wait until our meeting to share a big win – I never once opened my computer the entire vacation. In fact, I barely scanned through my emails, and spent less than 5 minutes on one call on a client issue that was both urgent and important. I was able to check out as soon as the call ended and didn’t think about it the rest of the week. I would not have been able to do this last year given my haphazard way of dealing with everything – thank you for all of the help!

Scott, Partner, Law Firm

I am the executive director of a 10-year-old local non-profit facing a transition with leadership. Stacie, with Empowered Leadership, consulted with our board of directors to learn about our different styles of communicating as well as how we are perceived by others. Stacie has a gift of demonstrating how our unique styles affect our communications, decision making and growth as a team working together for a common goal. Stacie is clear, concise, dynamic and simply a joy to have to lead such important discussions. I would recommend Empowered Leadership for ANY group of people who are interested in working better together and understanding how and where our uniqueness matters! Our board came away with a priceless renewed sense of commitment, inspiration and confidence in looking forward to change.

Abby, Executive Director, Non-Profit

I am really excited to work with Stacie  to grow my business. I was in a mastermind with her, so I have seen her skills & knowledge in action, and I have learned first-hand the amazing difference coaching can make. I always thought I could read and study on my own, but having a coach to help me focus and hold me accountable made all the difference in the world.

Meg, Owner, Law Firm

Stacie has been a huge help with my small business. She’s compassionate, professional, and insightful. I can see the differences that she has helped me make in our focus and organization. Highly recommended!

Kris, Owner, Yoga Studio

Stacie is an inspirational speaker, leader and business consultant. Her professional and personable attitude allows her to support the people around her, helping her take business owners -- and their goals -- to the next level!

T.L., Owner, Marketing Agency

Stacie has a wealth of knowledge and experience in operational management. She puts that to use in her management consulting practice which can be a great asset to companies looking for growth and improvement.

Pete, President, Marketing Agency

When Stacie talks, she fills the room with her energy and experience. Her coaching was fun and insightful.

Kurt, Executive Director, Non-profit

I'd highly recommend Stacie based on her business experience, expertise, and professionalism. Another reason I'd recommend her is her kind nature.

Nicole, Owner, Career Coaching

Stacie facilitated a leadership workshop for my business. She is a strong, positive, and passionate woman. I highly recommend her services.

Leah, CEO & Founder, Youth Development Program

Stacie has the ability and the skill set to help you bring "world class" business practices to your small business. She will provide great value to you.

Mark, Owner, Accounting

Stacie is a very positive, empowering speaker & coach. If you need a business coach, then Stacie is the one to call. She is a wealth of knowledge and is able to walk you through a number of different business situations.

Karen, Executive Director, Public Agency

We loved the employee engagement presentation Stacie gave for our local Springfield Chamber. She is passionate about helping businesses hone their strengths, and has the experience they need.

Jeri, Founder, Event Services

Stacie did a great job covering a broad area of problems we all have. She gave me some great ideas I plan on using with my staff.

Brooke, Owner, Retail Food Market