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Knowing What's Important to You

It is hard to run a successful business and be present in all the other areas of your life. One key to increasing your productivity and achieving greater satisfaction in your life is to master the art of balance. The four areas listed below are key to your overall happiness. In order to create a plan for improvement, you need a starting point.

Create a four quadrant graph on a sheet of paper (or download the workbook). Here I want you to evaluate your current level of satisfaction in four key areas: Business Success, Financial Independence, Health and Fitness, and Family and Relationships. Score each life element on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) based on your current level of satisfaction in that area. When you are done, connect the dots.

Did you form a perfect diamond? If not, what will you do to fix the unbalanced areas?

Next, think about how you will measure the change. The benchmark is the specific item within each category that you would like to improve (i.e. salary, weight, date nights with your spouse). Benchmarks answer the question “how do I know if I’ve made improvement in this area?”, so it is important to make these measurable.

Once you know what to measure, put in the ideal or target result you would like to achieve 12 months from now and the result or status you have today. Note how much they differ. This gap should feel uncomfortable.

Finally, think about the action steps you can start taking to make these improvements. What habits might you have to change? What resources do you need to secure? Who do you need to help support you or keep you accountable?

To get a copy of the workbook mentioned in the video, please visit https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/g5Ihh76/important

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