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Creating Calm in the Chaos

We can’t turn on the tv, email or social media accounts over the past few weeks without hearing about the coronavirus. I was coaching my Girls on the Run team yesterday when I heard that the Governor of Ohio was shutting down all public schools for the next three weeks. There was a feeling of panic and heaviness in the air. In my own house, we have been contemplating for days whether we still take our vacation that was planned for next week. All of this got me thinking about how we handle uncertainty in our business and our life. Here are 4 tips to keeping focused and calm amongst the chaos.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Mindset – We often underestimate how important our mindset is. Brian Tracy says, “you become what you think about most of the time”. When we are negative and see only the downside, that is what we will attract into our life. Pay attention to how you are thinking and the dialogue you are having with yourself. Keep it is positive! Your family, clients, and employees will follow the lead you set.

  2. Follow Your Strategy – When you know what you are trying to achieve it is much easier to tune out all the noise. Stay focused on your top goals and keep working to achieve them. In creating your strategy, you likely thought through some contingency plans. This is a good time to evaluate whether you should shift to “Plan B” or stay the course with the plans you’ve already set in place.

  3. Stay Flexible – When faced with challenges (and unprecedented global pandemics) it is important to be adaptable and fluid. Realize that in moments like this, you may have to make adjustments, achieve results a different way, or modify your expectations. This flexibility doesn’t have to last forever and, who knows, you may even find a better way of working when you’re forced to get creative!

  4. Focus On What You Can Control – In a time where it feels like the uncertainty and chaos are all around, slow down and focus on what you actually control. Take the steps you can, maximize what you can do, focus on the positive, help where you are able. You are wasting time and energy if you dwell on the things you can’t impact.

Remember, you have overcome or survived every other obstacle and hardship that has come your way. How you lead yourself, your business, and your people through this time is critically important. Stay focused on what matters, remain positive, get creative, and remember to breathe! This trying time will also pass and you will be stronger on the other side of it.

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