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Lessons From the Playroom

There is a sign hanging in my daughters’ playroom that I look at every time we go in there; my girls are 1 and 3, so we are in there quite often. It is entitled Superhero Rules and I bought with the hope it inspires strength in my girls. However, each time I look at it I keep thinking about how so much of it relates back to things I talk with my clients about. Here is how the superhero rules apply to business too:

  1. Be Brave – Take risks. Dream big! Take chances and do the things others are too scared to do. The things that bring us the most satisfaction, are often the hardest and riskiest…the things we almost didn’t do. It’s okay to be afraid, but if you’ve done the analysis, thought it through and it still makes sense, push forward anyway!

  2. Listen – It is amazing how much you can learn from stepping back and listening. If you lead teams, one of the most important leadership qualities you possess is your ability to listen to your team and really hear their challenges and concerns. You become the most effective leader when you are recognize and remove your team’s barriers.

  3. Believe in Yourself - Never give up! Take the road blocks or obstacles and use them as a chance to learn and grow. It may be hard, but you’ve got this!

  4. Keep Your Word – Trust is essential in business. Your reputation is riding on you doing what you say you will. It takes you a lifetime to build your reputation, but it only takes one broken commitment to destroy in an instant.

  5. Be Curious – The best leaders have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They continually, read, attend learning and training events, try new activities and ask insightful questions. By being inquisitive you will continue to grow and develop not only your business, but your personal leadership.

  6. Be Honest – Your reputation is your brand. People do business with those they like and trust. Be authentic, admit when you are wrong or don’t have the answers and remember to always do what you say you will.

  7. Find Your Inner Strength – You are more powerful than you think. You can accomplish more than you give yourself credit for. You are the force that holds you back the most. Find your strength, voice and power and give yourself permission to be amazing!

  8. Fight for What is Right – Stand up for yourself, your employees, your customers and your vendors. Do not compromise on your values…even when it is unpopular and hard. You will never regret fighting the good fight. The same can not be said about keeping quiet when you know you shouldn’t.

  9. Be Prepared – There is no substitute for preparation. For every minute you spend planning you will save yourself 10 minutes on the execution. Think ahead and anticipate potential issues so they aren’t a surprise, this will also allow you to plan a solution in advance of the problem. Being preparing also improves your credibility and brand strength. It shows others that you value others, and their time, by showing up ready to give them your best.

I love these rules because they are so simple yet can so profoundly change you and your business. Be brave, do what is right, continue to learn and you too can become a superhero in your business!

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