Gain Control Over Your Business, Your Time, and Your Happiness

The Small Business Growth Program. Helping Entrepreneurs Build Their Business & Find Their Freedom.

The kids are heading back to school! It's time to get back into a regular routine. When was the last time you stopped and focused in on what you and your business need? As we start into our new fall schedules, this is a perfect time for you to reevaluate what's important, where you're headed, and how you'll get there.

Work Desk

Most coaching programs operate in extremes. They believe that you either want to create a multi-million dollar business or that you are a stay-at-home parent running your side gig between naps and at night. They forget about the driven, dedicated, ambitious business owners who want to run a successful full-time business that fulfills and supports them, but also allows them the freedom they crave to live their best life.

  • Are you are working SO hard and not seeing the profits you desire?

  • Do you work 50, 60, 70+ hours a week and always feel "busy"? 

  • Are you constantly thinking about what you “should” do and are not fully present with the people who matter most?

  • Do you feel like you are struggling and aren't doing anything the way you imagined you would?


I get it! As a mom of two kids under 6 and a business owner, I understand the challenges of trying to be everything for everyone. It can be overwhelming and exhausting. There are days you feel like you are just failing at everything.


I've been there! I spent the first 19 years at my career climbing the corporate ladder at PepsiCo. I loved my work, but let's be honest, I found that I defined myself by it too. In 2017, I had my second daughter and we moved from Minneapolis to Ohio. It was then that I allowed myself for the first time to really reflect on what I wanted for my life and the kind of work I was passionate about doing. I realized then that I needed two things. First, I had to get back to coaching, teaching, and leading. I get the greatest fulfillment when I am helping people transform into versions of themselves that they didn't even dream possible. Second, I wanted to build a business that allowed me the flexibility to be the kind of mom that I wanted to be for my girls. That's how Empowered Leadership was born.

I quickly realized how different being an entrepreneur was from working at a Fortune 50 company. When you are everything from the sales person to the marketer to the janitor it can quickly become overwhelming and hard to prioritize! Even when you know what to do, taking action on the right things and knowing when to stop for the day can be hard. This is exactly why I created this program - to help entrepreneurs like you and me have the tools, direction, and support they need to find the growth and balance they desire.

The Small Business Growth Program is for fully-scheduled business owners who are passionate about seeing their business succeed, but also want to be present for their families. I know you want to create the level of income and flexibility that helps you create the life you've dreamed about. Many of our participants are former corporate employees who started businesses and hoped to replace their income while growing and gaining freedom. They find business ownership lonely...their friends and family just don't understand. These are business owners, just like you, who couldn’t figure out how to step away for a week-long vacation with their family.


The Small Business Growth Program provides you with the training, accountability, and tools you need to grow your business and free up time and energy. I want you to leave this program with a strategy, action plan, and the confidence to take control of your business and your time.


We will work on improving key areas of your business, including: 

  • Defining What Success Looks Like for YOU

  • Creating Structure to Create More Balance

  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Time Management and Productivity

  • Communicating for Success

  • Strategic Planning

  • Removing Barriers

The Small Business Growth Program gives you expert advice, peer support, thought partners and accountability throughout the program. You are not on this journey alone! We know that your time and resources are limited. That's why this 3-month program is designed to keep you focused on the key things that will help you build your business and find your freedom. You will leave empowered with the tools and skills you need to create the success you desire.

The program starts Wednesday, September 15th and will be held on Zoom Wednesdays at 9am EST.


Don't be the barrier that holds you back from your success!